Exploiting ICT to improve parental engagement, moving towards online reporting

    Sebastian Gasse
    By Sebastian Gasse



    Schools are currently receiving information about using ICT to support parental engagement. Norfolk Children's Services are working hard to implement technologies, guidance and advice enabling schools to follow the Becta guidance on parental reporting. 

    For Primary and Special Schools  - our Virtual Learning Environment (Netmedia) and MIS system (e1) will support Norfolk Primary Schools with the right technologies to achieve this aim.  Pilot projects are now underway to link the two systems as appropriate.

    There is a considerable development programme in place to support both secondary schools and 14-19 partners with a sophosticated technical framework.  This will allow secondary schools to achieve data integration between different systems.  With ongoing consultation through the 14-19 e-strategy group, e-learning steering group and technical networks we are looking to implement this data integration based on the Schools Interoperability Framework.  We are delighted that Long Stratton High School is part of an offical BECTA Pilot as well as a pilot school for the Secondary Learning Platform Programme (Fronter).

    Please find information from Becta below: 


    A new set of resources for schools to support them in the move towards online reporting are now available via the Becta web-site - see links and descriptions below.

    All schools will receive a letter and package of materials in hard copy by post at the end of June.

    To set this into context, at BETT this year, Schools Minister Jim Knight announced that “parents will have regular, up to date information on their child’s attendance, behaviour and progress in learning”.


    The expectation is that by September 2010 all secondary schools will need to offer parents online reporting through secure online access, wherever they are and whenever they want. Primary schools must meet this requirement by 2012.

    In the hard copy mailing,

    Secondary schools will receive:

    1. Exploiting ICT to improve parental engagement, moving towards online reporting
    An introduction for schools with DVD insert


    2. Exploiting ICT to improve parental engagement, moving towards online reporting
    Framework and guidance


    3. Details of the SSAT’s EPRA (Engaging Parents in Raising Achievement) toolkit which looks at the wider issues of developing parental engagement

    They will also be given the opportunity to attend a workshop during the autumn term. Details will be available on the Becta website from July 2008.

    Primary schools will receive the introduction and DVD. An additional range of resources will be available in the autumn term focused specifically on the needs of primary schools.

    All of these materials, including some additional information and support for schools including school experiences, FAQs and research reports, are available on the Becta website at www.becta.org.uk/schools/parentalengagement.