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Naace Virtual Worlds / Second Life Seminar 30 June Session 4

OpenSim and alternatives to Second Life

In this last session, Leon Cych the well known advocate of virtual worlds introduces delegates to alternatives to Second Life, in particular, those developed by the open source community. While Second Life is not open source, its client is, and there are adapted versions that allow you to enter different individual environments running of servers throughout the world. Indeed, a school could establish its own closed environment on an intranet if it wished. Leon showed examples of these alternatives, both for professional training, and teaching in the classroom.


    • Alan Day
      Alan Day

      A condensed intorduction to what are complex concepts. As a newbie to virtual worlds the information is overwhelming. I am interested in Reaction Grid and Wonderland as potential environments. ReactionGrid's website is opaque as to who runs UK sales and information or the 'product' on offer. Project Wonderland is also difficult to evaluate without adopting a heavy technical learning curve.My impressionis that there scope to develop as a super user provided the technical implementation could be eased. From what Leon was saying, ReactionGrid was aimed at this market, but they will need to be more focussed on simplifying approaches to new business on their website.

      • Leon Cych
        Leon Cych

        Alan get in touch with Chris Hart - she is the UK side developer. Their business is emergent and they can adapt to any requests - they are  small enough at present - hope this helps.