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Ideas and suggestions for MIS 2009

    Bernadette Brooks

    Welcome to the MIS 2009 blog.

    We are hoping to build an agenda for this event with your suggestions for topics, format and speakers.

    Mike Bostock has started off the list of topics for us as follows:

    child protection, reporting to parents, learning platforms, using electronic performance data to evaluate the work of schools.Can you suggest speakers you would like to hear from or formats that you would consider valuable - workshops, presentations, supplier training?Send your thoughts to me now and we will get to work on forming an inspriring event for all.




      • Jan Blake
        Jan Blake

        Other suggested topics - Preparation for Ofsted/support for self evaluation in schools; The classroom - making effective use of MIS; Target setting and measuring progress (FFT/RAISEonline); Collaboration - delivery of the 14-19 curriculum

        Formats - last year's mix worked well I thought with keynotes, (practical) workshops and suppliers stands during breaks. Maybe more workshops and shorter keynotes?

        • Trupti Gandhi
          Trupti Gandhi

          I guess "reporting to parents" as a part of agenda is a brillient idea... The parents feel lesser and lesser a part of their wards lives once they start secondary school. May be school can make the VLE and MIS teaching for the parents a part of their agenda during open evenings. The interested parents who do not know tech know how will definitely attend. And that way there is not much pressure on the teachers to keep in touch.