Simon Shaw

Brief description: Founder and director of Edable. Previously Head of Institutional Management at Becta - leading the development of improved parental engagement through online reporting
Contact email:
Telephone: 01223968207
Mobile phone: 07717228207

About me

Simon Shaw is founder and director of Edable which provides consultancy, online services and training to support the effective use of ICT within education and business. Over the years Simon has worked very closely with Naace including: - Acting as an ICT Mark Lead Assessor - Developing the principles and processes for the assessment and accreditation of schools with the ICT Mark - Leading ICT Mark assessor training and selection days - Contributing to Naace conferences, workshops and think tanks - Developing and delivering joint Becta/Naace training on the use of the self-review framework to local authorities, schools and consultants. As Head of Institutional Management at Becta he led Becta'’s work to support schools using ICT to improve parental engagement through online reporting. Working with a national network of leading "advocate" schools and local authorities to develop best practice he led the development of two further maturity models to complement the self-review framework: - The Information Management Strategy Framework - used by schools to improve the effectiveness, security and sustainability of their educational and management business processes. - The Online Reporting Framework - used by schools nationally to consider and prioritise key areas of development to improve communication and reporting to parents. Prior to this role - as Senior Manager of Accreditation and Recognition - Simon led the development of the ICT Mark and worked closely with local authorities to engage schools in improvement through self-review. As project leader of the ICT Test Bed project he supported change management in schools to make innovative and effective use of technology for learning and teaching. Early work with Becta included providing procurement advisory services, managing research into the total cost of ownership of ICT in schools and developing lifecycle based investment planning tools to use in capital investment programmes. Simon comes from an educational background as a teacher of science, technology and outdoor activities, a physics subject leader, school ICT coordinator and “in house” system developer. As a MCSE he also used his technical expertise in designing and integrating curriculum and information systems as a business development manager and NGFL service manager working as part of the Capita group.