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    • Jeremy Meades

      Parental Engagement vs Parent Involvement

      ...on and communication’. Parental Engagement Simply explained, pa...happen. At first glance, the involvement of parents in their child&rsq...t the policy formation stage. Parents are consulted but it would make a...ncluded and would move parent involvement to parental engagement.

      • Sebastian Gasse

        Grant for Laptops for Students

        ...e part for pupils within any chosen cohort: sustainability through parental involvement: and home access. The grants are not intended to provide a general subsidy for all parents involved in a project. They are s...

        • Sebastian Gasse

          Home Access Programme - more details emerging

 body for their grant, so schools can make a choice as to their level of involvement. The programme, which is bein...

          • Nicholas Peachey

            Coffee with Leon Cych

   This Sunday 15th the state school environment. Among the things we'll be discussing are his involvement in projects like Schools of t...

            • Nicholas Peachey

              Photo Fun with Your Students

     Some time back in March 08 I wrote a posting on ideas for creating personalised Personalised flas...

              • New Invention Junior School New Invention Junior School

                3rd Millennium Award New Invention Junior Large

                3rd Millennium Award New Invention Junior Large Parent Video

                • Chris Smith

                  More Presenting in S.L.


                  • Nicholas Peachey

                    Publishing Multimedia Projects

           I'm always looking for interesting free tools for multimedia project work and I recently stumbl...

                    • Sebastian Gasse

                      Media Diploma and advertising - developing resources

             partnerships with local schools consortia, consultation and practical involvement of teachers and their student...