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    • Jeremy Meades

      Parental Engagement vs Parent Involvement

      ...on and communication’. Parental Engagement Simply explained, pa...happen. At first glance, the involvement of parents in their child&rsq...t the policy formation stage. Parents are consulted but it would make a...ncluded and would move parent involvement to parental engagement.

      • Sebastian Gasse

        Grant for Laptops for Students

        ...e part for pupils within any chosen cohort: sustainability through parental involvement: and home access. The grants are not intended to provide a general subsidy for all parents involved in a project. They are s...

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        • John Bevan

          Reply on topic: Discussion of draft programme of study

          Hi everyone, this is Doug from the Mozilla Foundation. As Paul's already pointed out I've responded on my blog but...feel qualified to weigh in on this consultation. I also have an interest as a parent to y...


          • Jeremy Meades

            Parental Engagement vs Parent Involvement

            We all have different notions about ‘parental engagement’ and what it actually means but I have found recently that the idea of what constitutes parental engagement is taking on a new meaning and one that we have fully supported for almost five years. Involving parents in school life...

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