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    • Jeremy Meades

      New Performance Descriptors - DfE Consultation now open

      ...consultation document for the performance descriptors to be used in KS1 and KS2 sta...ment_data/file/368298/KS1-KS2_Performance_descriptors_consultation.pdf This docume...s national standard’ as performance descriptors in the same subje...

      • Ian Usher

        Links for 2009-08-13 [] Bottom-Line Performance » Blog Archive » Who Is Using Moodle? We are!

        • John Hackett

          Opera at the Cinema

 I went to the Opera y...s very impressive: this was a LIVE performance. Not a DVD being projected: t...across Europe all taking this live performance from Madrid as a High Definit...oon.Here is a list of ROH season's performance...

          • Bernadette Brooks

            Ideas and suggestions for MIS 2009

            Welcome to the MIS 2009 blog.We are hoping to build an agenda for this event with your suggestions for topics, format...child protection, reporting to parents, learning platforms, using electronic performance...

            • Gareth Davies

              Apprentices are digital immigrants too

     Having watched this week̵...s an admin assistant in insurance before spells as a recruitment consultant, performance...

              • Nicholas Peachey

                Skype Part 1 Recording Audio

       This is the first...rd them and give your students feedback on their performance. You can record example / mod...out and then listen back and evaluate their own performance...

                • Gareth Davies

                  Story telling a winner

         South by Southwest is presently taking place...night in front of a live online audience. The result is something akin to a performance...

                  • Nicholas Peachey

                    Another Great New Karaoke Site

           Getting ESL EFL students singing songs is motivating for learners as the site is giving them some feedback on their performance...

                    • Sebastian Gasse

                      New Becta report on information handling in schools

             Good practice in...getting the working culture right, improving accountability and scrutiny of performance...

                      • Nicholas Peachey

                        Things You Can Do With Your WebCam 1

               I'm beginning to think...emselves telling the story so that they can evaluate their own performance and record and re-record and improve their performance...