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      Comment on "Why Does Elearning have Such a Bad Name?"

      This is an interesting question - i personally quite like e-learning and have enjoyed this form of learning much more than i did classroom tu...fference in time between when the learning has taken place. I like 'lurk...t comfortable with this method of learning - my colleague positively hat...

      • Chris Smith

        Comment on "Second Life Teacher Training Videos"

        NikThanks ... just had a look at a few of the screencasts ... very useful ... excelle...mind ... but I've linked to them from Shambles ... and quoted some o...

        • Tricia Neal

          Comment on "Learning Platforms"

          It has been mooted elsewhere in my reading that older pupils do not always want to be...s general to all secondary schools who are trying blogs and wikis within their learning environments.PS thanks Carol...

          • Alan Day

            Comment on "Naace Virtual Worlds / Second Life Seminar 30 June Session 4"

            A condensed intorduction to what are complex concepts. As a newbie to virtual worlds...ct Wonderland is also difficult to evaluate without adopting a heavy technical learning curve.My impressionis that th...

            • Gareth Davies

              Comment on "Education in the Future - What Will it Be Like?"

              I see what you mean, but it could be argued that things are swinging the other way. F...the same spots. It is clear that basic numeracy and literacy provide access to learning and therefore should remain a...

              • Gareth Davies

                Comment on "Use of the Naace Community Social Network"

                The Communities will take time to get going in my view Chris, and are an important as...sional space to experiment and play with non-critical colleagues is supportive learning.