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      Comment on "Why Does Elearning have Such a Bad Name?"

      This is an interesting question - i personally quite like e-learning and have enjoyed this form of learning much more than i did classroom tu...fference in time between when the learning has taken place. I like 'lurk...t comfortable with this method of learning - my colleague positively hat...

      • Chris Smith

        Comment on "Second Life Teacher Training Videos"

        NikThanks ... just had a look at a few of the screencasts ... very useful ... excelle...mind ... but I've linked to them from Shambles ... and quoted some o...

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        • mark james

          MOOCs rising prevalance

          Im interested in NAACE members views on the rise of MOOCs and other remote learning solutions and how they affect grades and continued learning for students and adult learners in the UK

          • Jan Harrison

            Reply on topic: Discussion of draft programme of study

            via email from Ian Lynch The statement   "From KS...perty) Using ICT to enable and deliver change (to learning) -- Ian Ofqual Accredited...Q) +44 (0)1827 305940 The Learning Machine Limited, Reg Office,...

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